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There is no such feature or solution where TM3 isn't the leader

Q: How much do i have to pay for the server moves and further updates?
A: It's free of charge for the next 6 months after the purchase of the initial licence. After 6 months you can either pay $89.95 fee, which will buy you another 6 months of free server moves/upgrades for that domain or 2nd option: You can pay $35 per 1 move (which also includes upgrade into the latest version). It is not possible to install/transfer the software by yourself.

Q: Do you support "hits in, hits out" trade type?
A: No. Why would somebody want to send the same visitor to the same site twice?

Q: Is it possible to get a FREE TM3 script installed?
A: Actually it is! Through our partnership with Oxeo Hosting, customers who take advantage of their "managed clients" deal, get a free copy of TM3 script installed. Visit for more information!

Q: How much traffic can TM3 handle?
A: TM3 is written in pure C language and uses it's own super fast databases. It can handle more traffic than any other script. We're pushing over 1,000,000 hits/day on our server with average load: 0.8!

Q: Does TM3 work on all unix-based platforms?
A: Currently it works without a problem on the most widely used systems: FreeBSD and Linux. Sometimes we get it to work on other systems too, but it is not guaranteed.

Q: I have a PHP/Perl script and it "does the job". Why would i buy TM3?
A: Also your bicycle does the job, so why are you using a car then? PHP/Perl is a nice and simple language but it is too slow. Also it is not enough that script is coded in C. It has to be coded properly.

Q: Where are the previous versions of Traffic Manager?
A: At first we've made the script for our own needs, for our own tgp sites and few other friends. Actually it was not for sale.

We reserve the right to make mistakes over the whole site and are not to be held responsible.

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