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There is no such feature or solution where TM3 isn't the leader

Are you still updating your tgp site(s) and catching cheaters every day? Isn't this kinda annoying? We run a popular FREE auto update service for our customers. We have our own reviewers, software for generating your html pages, removers etc. With other words, if you're smart, you will never need to update your site again.


  • Customize your web pages in any possible way you can imagine
  • We are removing cheaters and adding new galleries all the time
  • FTP access so u can upload your template files and later download generated htmls
  • We auto generate your html pages 4-6 times a day.
  • Only top quality and clean galleries
  • No links to other TGP sites
  • About 200-400 fresh galleries every day
  • Customize each and every link on your site
  • Short-long description, various date types, about 40 categories


    First copy your index.html to If you have any other files containing galleries do the same with them (copy teens.html to Now edit those new files and replace all the information regarding galleries with the code described bellow. When done, upload the files to our FTP server and our software will generate index.html (or teens.html). Copy these files over your old index.html (or teens.html).


    This is the general form of the codes you need to insert into your HTML. This code:
    %%%<Category>:<Number>:<Data>%%% will get replaced by something more useful. Here is how it works:


    The category to search galleries from. Special keyword ALL means search from all categories. You can find the available categories on our gallery submit page. Use the correct spelling and CAPS! If you need any other category let us know and we'll add it!


    The ordinal number of the gallery to show. 1 (or 01 or 001...) means the newest, 02 the second, 03 the third, etc.


  • c - gallery's category (short description)
  • d - date the gallery was submitted (short form)
  • D - date of the gallery (long description)
  • t - text description
  • n - number of pictures it contains
  • a - list all galleries' URLs seperated by newline
  • l - URL of the gallery
  • x - if the gallery doesnt exist delete the whole line
  • i - URL to a thumbnail that best represents the gallery (*** NEW ***)


    %%%ALL:085:c%%% - category (short desc.) for the 85th gallery (Movies)
    %%%Teens:01:d%%% - short date for the last teen gallery submitted
    %%%Teens:01:D%%% - long date for the last teen gallery submitted
    %%%Babes:04:t%%% - long desc. for the 4th babes gallery Blonde in black
    %%%Hardcore:05:n%%% - number for images the 5th HC gallery contains 16
    %%%ALL:01:l%%% - URL to the 1st gallery in database
    %%%Lesbians:15:a%%% - URLs of last 15 lesbian galleries separated by newline


    %%%ALL:1:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:1:l%%%">%%%ALL:1:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:2:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:2:l%%%">%%%ALL:2:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:3:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:3:l%%%">%%%ALL:3:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:4:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:4:l%%%">%%%ALL:4:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:5:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:5:l%%%">%%%ALL:5:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:6:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:6:l%%%">%%%ALL:6:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:7:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:7:l%%%">%%%ALL:7:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:8:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:8:l%%%">%%%ALL:8:t%%%</A><br>
    %%%ALL:9:d%%%: <A href="%%%ALL:9:l%%%">%%%ALL:9:t%%%</A><br>

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